Lakes Tournament Trail Rules 2022

  1. The organization called The Lakes Tournament Trail, which constitutes the owners, management and the members, shall hereinafter be referred to as LTT.
  2. In order to keep integrity and fair play first and foremost, a polygraph test can be administered at any time, for any given reason deemed necessary by the committee. Secondly, should a protest arise, it must be submitted in writing to the tournament director or staff member before the end of the weigh in. Director or his committee may/can decide outcome.  Should a poly-graph be required, accusing party will assume financial responsibility for the test.  If accused party fails test or refuses the polygraph, the team will be disqualified and financial responsibility then shifts to them.  All boats are subject to an entire inspection of vessel at any time. LTT reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason.
  3. All tournaments will operate under a pre-registration format. There will be no money collected at the ramp.  Payments can be made by mail by postmark deadlines, in person at Fisherman’s Central during normal business hours before an event, or on web-site at  A team may pay for the entire season or Half upfront and the remaining by the deadline due.  Those paying for season up front will be entitled to a double draw and special gift.  Those joining LTT will be expected to support the trail for the entire season, not just your home lake.  There will be a 65 team limit for this trail and payouts/places are pro-rated based on 65 teams.
  4. Entry fees are $250 per event including the championship. Those teams who fish a minimum of 3 qualifiers and pay for all qualifiers will be eligible for the end of season championship.  There will also be a circuit initiation fee of $80 to help cover some of the expenses involved with running a trail ie; insurance, office, web-site, plaques, beverages etc.  Big Bass is included with entry and sponsored by Waikem Auto Group.  Entry monies are 100% payback for the year.  A portion will be held in reserve for the championship.  Annual entry fees and membership for entire year is $1580.
  5. There will be no refund or transfer of any entry fees for no-shows, DQ’s, or mishap (breakdown).  Any ramp fees, license costs, etc; will be the responsibility of your team. There will be an alternate provision, 1 per team.  Alt fee is $20 and alt must fish at least (1) qualifier to fish the championship.
  6. Only complete, legible entry forms will be accepted. Upon receiving your complete team entry form, you will be assigned a permanent team number that will be your point of reference for the entire season.  Memorize this number.  You will use this number for am/pm check-ins and for the weigh-in.  At the am check-in, you will draw for starting position numbers.  If you paid for the entire season you may draw twice and keep the number you choose.  If not, you will draw once.  This number is only good for starting position, nothing else.  It is not LTT’s responsibility to report the proper number at check-ins and weigh-ins, it’s yours.
  7. All teams must be registered at least 20 minutes before the official start time. At 5 minutes before official start time, an on the water meeting will take place.  Have your boats launched and ready by this meeting.  Meeting will cover things like, official time, fish limits, off limits, special rules pertaining to that lake, flights and pm check-in times.  PM check-ins will be at the designated courtesy dock covered at meeting, not at the weigh site.  If you don’t check in here on time, it will be a disqualification (DQ).  No extended courtesy time.  No exceptions.
  8. All contestants must have an official Coast Guard approved life vest (PFD) on board. It must be worn anytime the boat is on plane.  Other times, out of compartment and in plain sight.  Tournament boats must have all the safety equipment as required by the State of Ohio.  Boats must have a working live well, capable of keeping a limit of fish alive all day.  It must also have a working kill switch that is attached to the drivers PFD.  Motor size must not exceed Coast Guard rating plate on the boat.  Operation and safety are  the boat owner’s responsibility.
  9. A team limit will be 5 bass, 12” or larger, unless lake regulations are different. It is your job to keep your fish alive. Rejuvenade is not permitted as a live well additive. Please Release Me brand and G- Juice are the recommended brands and are available at FC. No more than 6 fish may be in your live well. Culling of fish is not permitted within sight of the ramp and must be done prior to check in. Culling of dead fish is prohibited. You may use your own weigh bag unless specified at pre-tournament meeting that you will be using our bags only that day.  Aeration tanks must be used by all contestants that are in line to weigh their fish.  Remember, a limit of bass has about 5 minutes of oxygen in a good size bag of water before stress sets in.  Even less on a hot day.  So it’s imperative to get them in fresh water asap when transporting from your boat to the weigh site.   LTT is going to be real sticklers when it comes to fish handling and care.  Mesh top bags will work best for our fish handling system.   All fish to be weighed will be measured and inspected by tournament officials. It is their sole discretion whether or not to accept your fish. After acceptance, the fish become property of LTT and will be released after being weighed. If your fish are not accepted you may be subjected to Disqualification without refund of your entry fee. Bass will be measured mouth closed, tail pointed.  One courtesy measurement allowed per bag of fish.  A .50lb penalty for each short fish and short fish will not be weighed.  A .50lb penalty for each dead fish or deemed dead fish by bump board operator or weigh master. .  It is also suggested that you use non-piercing cull tags to mark your fish with (these are available at FC).   Big Bass must be alive to collect Big Bass prize.
  10. We will operate on a 65 point system. 65 for 1st place, 64 for 2nd etc; until all fish are weighed.  All teams that actually fished, not teams who paid but didn’t fish, will receive 20 show up points.   So for example, if you win, you will receive 85 points total.  The points from each qualifier will be added together with your previous score to determine the end of season point champs or Anglers of the Year.  Winners will be determined by the highest total weight, minus any deductions or penalties.  Ties can be split checks or flip of coin if both teams agree.  Season point’s champions will pay $500. for 1st, $300. for 2nd and $200. for 3rd plus plaques.  Plaques will also be given for first three places and big bass for each qualifier and championship.
  11. No live bait or trolling.  Drifting permitted.  Only 1 rod at a time may be used. No Cell Phone communication - between anglers during tournament hours unless it is an emergency situation. No alcoholic beverages permitted during tournament hours and weigh-in.  Please be courteous and observe sportsman like conduct when fishing around others. Polite communication about who’s fishing what is required in order to make these events successful. Again, sportsman like conduct is expected and un-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated.  Again courtesy is expected.  With this day and age of video phones, proof for a DQ is easy to come by.  Fighting over spots and not being courteous WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, and that includes other users who are not in the tournament.  Image is huge.
  12. For the initial start of any tournament, there will be no passing of other contestants in any and all no-wake zones. This is grounds for a DQ.  Goes back to image.  There are no official off-limits times for any qualifier or the championship.
  13. We will collect SSN for 1099 at year end.

Note   Only 1 signed entry form is required for the year.  At the first tournament, you will have to sign a comprehensive liability waiver form that is different than your entry form.  Both forms will need to be complete.  There will be an online roster to see who has entered an event.  Once 65 teams have committed and signed up, there will be no other entries taken.  If paying by check, use check memo to state which tournaments you are paying for.  Any information not covered here will revert back to what is usual and customary in a bass tournament in our area and default rules will revert back to State rules.  Any specific questions will gladly be answered, preferably by email or text.