100% Plus Payback

($200 entry fee, based on 60 boat field and sponsorship)




  1. $3000
  2. $2000
  3. $1400
  4. $1000
  5. $800
  6. $700
  7. $600
  8. $500
  9. $400
  10. $300

Big Bass Sponsor


  1. $8000
  2. $5000
  3. $3000
  4. $2000
  5. $1500
  6. $1200
  7. $1000
  8. $900
  9. $800
  10. $700
  11. $500
  12. $400
  13. $300
  14. $300
  15. $300

Big Bass (Sponsored by Waikem Auto)

  • $250 per event and each day of the Championship


All teams paying for the full season prior to January 31st will receive a double ball draw and an AFTCO Reaper Hoodie. Courtousy of AFTCO

*All teams paying half now and half by April 15th will receive the AFTCO Hoodie

Lakes Trail Open 

Saturday April 13th at Portage Lakes New State

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Skeeter Real Money


Click the Skeeter link for more information

Purchase and/or own any new or used Skeeter, powered by Yamaha, from FC Marine, any Skeeter dealer or private party.

Visit FC Marine, your authorized Skeeter dealership to obtain a registration form, download a form at www.skeeterboats.com, or simply register online! You must register for the Real Money Program to be eligible. If you acquire a different Skeeter boat after you are registered, please contact Skeeter to change the serial number to your registration by calling (903) 983-5657 or emailing marketing@skeeterboats.com.

A $30 registration fee per angler includes:
Real Money Membership card
Skeeter tow vehicle decal
Real Money boat decal
Official Real Money hat
Complimentary boat inspection at selected events.

Win in a Contingency Paying Event (as listed on the Skeeter Boats Website and defined in the Rules and Conditions). A list of Contingency Paying Events is posted on our website. The schedule of Contingency Paying Event dates is compiled in late winter and updated periodically on our website. Contingency Paying Events are subject to change without notice.

Payments will be made once Skeeter receives and approves “official” tournament results from you and all rules and conditions have been met. To be eligible for incentives, you must register prior to participating in a Contingency Paying Event. Angler may win up to three (3) times per calendar year.

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